Corona will be cured with one bullet? The world’s top scientists gave this answer

Corona will be cured with one bullet? The world’s top scientists gave this answer

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of America are currently trying to create a ‘special’ antiviral drug, which will not only be enough to beat the coronavirus, but also the future ones. People’s lives can also be saved from unknown epidemics. Scientists will prepare it in the form of a tablet.

US President released fund

Recently, the government of US President Joe Biden has decided to complete this American rescue plan soon, investing 3 billion dollars i.e. about 22,243 crore rupees. So that strategies can be made for antiviral drugs against the Kovid-19 epidemic, medicines can be made.

Best medicine for disease

President Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said, ‘Pills are the best medicine for any disease. In future such medicines will come which can be eaten. These will provide protection from Kovid-19 and we will be able to save lives.

So many crores will be spent in preparing antiviral drugs

Dr. Fauchi said that a major part of the American Rescue Plan will be spent in research and manufacturing of Kovid-19 drugs. Talking about the figures, out of Rs 22,243 crore, Rs 8897 crore will be spent to prepare the antiviral drug.

World’s best scientists will make medicine

According to the report of Popular Science, he further said, ‘It takes a very long research to prepare any medicine. In such a situation, when we talk about making medicines for the prevention of future epidemics, then the team of world’s best scientists works on it. Scientists hope that this drug will be ready soon.

Vaccine is not 100% effective

Looking at the current situation, the most effective vaccine is the only one to fight the virus. But no vaccine is 100% effective. That’s why the world needs different types of therapy. Scientists are engaged in this work. Till then all of you wear masks, sanitize your hands regularly, stay safe.

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