Latvia: Riga hostel fire, Eight people dead in building blaze


Latvian capital Riga hostel fire, eight people dead in building blaze

According to sources, eight people died in Latvia’s capital Riga and the condition of the remaining people is critical. Officials said that the hostel was being run illegally.

On Wednesday, fire personnel were called to the top floor of a six-floor building on the city’s Markella Street.

Out of the 24 people who came out of the burning building, some suffered due to burning and some due to the breath of smoke.

According to the Mayor of Riga, foreign tourists are more among the victims.

The apartment near the main railway station was not allowed to be used as a hostel. Mayor Martins Stackis said this.

The police have sought Madat due to difficulty in identifying, and “experts have been appointed to help with the language barrier”. Alternative accommodation is being made available for the affected people, he told reporters.

Latvia’s Deputy Chief of Police, Andréjas Grishins, reported that “nine were injured during the fatal fire in the hostel, and eight in fatal fatalities”.

Firefighters were called at 04:43 pm local time on Wednesday, the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) said. To get control of the fire on the upper floor and roof of the building.

At the start of the rescue operation, the roads were closed and everyone was asked to go away. But the strong doors of the apartment, and the lack of a key code, hampered efforts.

According to information received from sources, the fire was controlled at 04.00 hours and was extinguished by 12.10.

The website of the hostel, called “Japanese Style Centrum Riga”, & address as Merkela street, apartment 21. 22 rooms in it.

The SFRS asked the owner of the building to inform them that fire safety regulations were being met, according to Latvia’s national public broadcaster And stated that fire inspectors were denied access to the building.

Mr Stakis tweeted that “information on drug use [and] non-compliance with Kovid regulations” was previously reported for inspection by residents.

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Source : BBC news

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