Man cheated to defeat friend, watch funny video

Man cheated to defeat friend, watch funny video

Man cheated to defeat friend, watch funny video

A funny video is becoming fiercely viral on the social media site Twitter. In this, two friends are doing swimming competition among themselves and by cheating in it, a friend goes ahead. This video is very funny (Hilarious Video).

Good friends are part of the family. Everyone’s heart becomes happy by spending quality time with them. If friends are together, even difficult times are easily cut and pulling their legs is also a different fun. The video of the swimming competition of two friends is becoming fiercely viral on social media. After watching this funny video, you will also remember your best friend.

The man proceeded by dodging a friend

The video of two friends is going viral on the social media site Twitter. This video has been shared by ‘The Sun’ on its official Twitter account. It can be guessed by watching the video that two friends have held a swimming competition among themselves. One friend jumps into the swimming pool and starts swimming, while the other friend walks outside the swimming pool. It is not easy to control laughter by watching this funny video (Hilarious Video).

Sudden jump in the pool

When a person walking outside the pool moves ahead of the person swimming in the water, then immediately jumps into the swimming pool. Seeing him suddenly in front of him, the person already swimming is startled and keeps staring at him. So far more than 1 lakh 11 thousand people have watched this 20-second video. 31 users have retweeted this and 185 have also liked it.

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