Everyone Loves Painting Robot Ai-da – The World’s First Robot Painter


Painting robot artist Ai-Da is on display at a museum in London. She not only talks but also makes paintings.

Meet Ai-Da, a painting robot in robot art project. Whose robot painting art has been put on display at a museum in London. Ai-Da is a robot artist. Who can not only speak but also make their own picture. In view of this progress, the question arises in the mind that what could be the next stage of Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s know more about Ai-Da. This beautiful looking woman is actually a robot. Not only robots, he is also a great painter. Recently, he has done an amazing job. Looking at himself in the mirror, he made his painting. Since then, it has been in constant discussion. Let’s know who created Ai-Da? Does it just do painting or something?

How does painting robot AI-DA work?

The painting exhibition of painting robot Ai-Da will be held in London’s Design

Museum in the month of May or June. That too under corona related rules. The people who built it have named it after the 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace. It is the world’s first ultra-realistic robot which makes paintings using its eyes and hands.

Ai-Da recently looked at himself in the mirror to make his painting. Recorded all coordinates. Analyzed him with Artificial Intelligence, after which he put his picture on the canvas.


Who created AI-DA?

Leeds-based engineers have built it. But the idea of ​​creating this robot art project came to Oxford Art Gallery owner Aidan Mailer and curator Lucy Seal. Lucy Seal said that in the present time and future people will go to technology based paintings. If it starts with a robot, what will be better than this.

Robot painting art exhibition

Aidan Mailer is in a lot of doubt about the painting exhibition of Ai-Da. But he says that if the start of Art Intelligence based Art Movement is great, then it will be great. We want to put Ai-Da’s robot painting art in front of the world.

Who is the first robot painter in the world?

Painting-Robot-Ai-Da 2

Mailer said that Ai-Da is the first professional humanoid artist in the world. Who creates his own artworks. There is a robot, so the idea of ​​thinking of his work is also done through artificial intelligence. What he thinks of as a robot, he removes it on the canvas. Or what he sees.

Mailer said that if its exhibition is held, we will also show drawings, paintings, sculptures, video art made by Ai-Da in it. So that people can know what can be done by combining artificial intelligence, technology and organic life.

The painting robot Ai-Da is a slow steady process but is very effective. Ai-Da has recently made some pictures of herself and is also ready to talk.

Question – How are you today?
Ai-Da’s answer – I’m well thank you
Q – How would you rate yourself as an artist?
Ai-Da’s answer – I’m Being Creative

These were some of the questions that were asked from him. Ai-Da answers every question.

Conclusion :

Each of his paintings is different, he can say that he has a personality of his own. It is really interesting to understand that the possibility of knowing about them is also amazing. But those who make them believe that there is a kind of relationship between them. Whether it is from both sides or not.

These days we have all grown accustomed to talking on machines and phones. But being creative is a bit different and it is also a little surprising. The thing that surprises about technology is what is going to happen next. We cannot tell this.

Ai-Da is giving an indication of the possibility of future technology and his art work makes this question important. But are we happy with this? Painting robot Ai-Da is doing such a painting today, but what will happen tomorrow is a big question.

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