Pregnancy: This thing is very dangerous for pregnant women, WHO warns

Pregnant and Child bearing age women should avoid alchohol banned WHO report

Pregnancy is a very special time in the life of every woman. Women have to face many problems during pregnancy. Many studies have come to the fore regarding pregnancy. It has been proved in this that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can be dangerous. But recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has also said that during pregnancy or women who are planning to have children, they should stop drinking alcohol.

The World Health Organization, through its recent Global Alcohol Action Plan, works in many countries to raise awareness among people about the harm associated with alcohol and its harmful use.

According to the first phase of the plan, children, pregnant women and women of childbearing age should abstain from drinking alcohol. Apart from this, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to many diseases. This can lead to many more problems like mental health problems, violent nature, strained relationships.

There is a risk of alcohol exposure (birth defects and neurodevelopmental abnormalities) in babies born to pregnant women and pregnant women who drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to diseases related to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the newborn. Huh.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause many disorders in babies. These may include stunted growth, facial features, learning and behavioral problems. According to the proposal of the World Health Organization, an international ‘World No Alcohol Day/Week’ should be organized to make everyone aware of such problems.

According to the UK’s Chief Medical Officers, it is not safe for them to consume alcohol in any way, from women planning to become pregnant to pregnant women.

However, Matt Lambert of the Portman Group, the UK alcohol trade body, said the WHO proposal is a matter of great concern. Because they believe that this proposal can hinder the freedom of most women.

The NHS website says that experts are still unable to establish whether the amount or consumption of alcohol is completely safe for pregnant women. According to this, drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause long-term harm to the baby and its bad effect can be on any part of the baby.

According to Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive, Alcohol Change UK, drinking alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy can prove to be very harmful for the fetus. It is important that people understand the harm that alcohol can cause to the body. It is very important for every person to be aware of the harm caused by alcohol, irrespective of age.

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