Soumya Swaminathan, Who is the first Kerala women chess champion

Who is the first Kerala women chess champion, Soumya Swaminathan

Soumya Swaminathan, Who is the first Kerala women chess champion, woman grand master of India.

Soumya Swaminathan ,who is the first women Chase Champion in Kerala, Woman Grand master of India. He is one of the top chess players in India. Soumya Swaminathan won the World Junior Girls’ Championship held in Puerto Madrin, Argentina in 2009.

The Woman Grandmaster (WGM) of India Soumya Swaminathan is hailing from Kerala. Who won the title of Woman International Master (WIM) Champion in 2006. The Indian junior girls’ champion title was held by Soumya Swaminathan till 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Soumya Swaminathan won the World Junior Girls’ Championship held in Puerto Madrin, Argentina in 2009, out Dacy Corey and Betul Camare Yildiz on tiebreak score.

After winning the Commonwealth Women’s Championship in Chennai in 2012, Soumya touched sky high.

In 2016, the 30-year-old won the Moscow Open title at the championship. Also won the bronze in the Women’s Asian Individual Championship the same year.

On June 2014, Soumya’s name again came in the news. The reason was the exit of the Asian team chess championship in Iran. Because in Iran it is the rule for girls to wear headscarf. She post on Facebook and wrote, “I am very sorry to say that I have asked the Indian women’s team to stay out of the upcoming” Asian Nations Cup Chess Championship 2018. Because I don’t have to wear headscarf or burqa “

Soumya Swaminathan’s Life :

How start Sourmya Swaminathan his journey in Chess ?

When I was 7-8 year old then I start to play and how I started as an interesting story. I was not interested in chess. When I was a kid, I was very active and very enthusiastic and participate in every single competition in school and in colony everything. But my brother used to like playing chess a lot. And he used to play chess with my Grand dad. The old day whenever he would visit them, but I would never be interested.

And one day when I came back home, I was in the third standard then I saw my brother play with my mom as well One day. And now I was feeling really left out. Everyone of my family is interested in the Chess. Mainly I was feeling a bit like, I also want my mom’s attention, you know. I only want to get my mother’s attention, so I insisted that I want to play chess. And that’s how I started playing chess.

Who taught Soumya to play chess ?

Soumya said, my brother taught me, My mother forced him to teach me. He was very reluctant, he is 4 year elder than me. So, he taught me and the funny thing is after he was taught me, he was still winning against me, because he was strong. I thought he’s not teaching me properly. I asked my mom to send me to a chess class.

He was enimy going to a chess class already. My mom was like, but you already going to these 10 different classes, you don’t have time. So, I canceled my dance class and I went to chess class. All credits to go my brother and my mom.

What was the point, when you fell in love with chess?

So it’s an interesting story, it took me long time to fall in love with the game. I think I was almost 20th, when actually started loving chess. Until then only I will like it. I won the world junior championship in 2009. When I was age of 16th, 17th I started practice very hard on chess.

Soumya Swaminathan’s Achievements :

  • 2007: Woman International Master (WIM)
  • 2009: World Junior Champion
  • 2010: Sahara Best Sportsperson Award (Girls)
  • 2011: Lokmat Sakhi Gaurav Puruskar
  • 2013-14: Shiv Chatrapati Award
  • 2014: Pune Gaurav Puruskar

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