The Joys (and Sorrows) of Travelling Alone

There is no “right” way to travel, especially when it comes to how many partners you choose to travel while exploring the world. Yes, if you are traveling with others, you should travel alone with those who enjoy their presence. And yes, I would say that you will have more fun traveling with some good and adventurous friends, instead of traveling through a foreign destination with a group of tourists who hardly want to leave the hotel. But assuming you make the right decisions about the company you’re holding, there are unique benefits hidden when you travel with one person, three people or a dozen people.

That doesn’t mean you have to travel with someone else. In fact, the intensity of travel often exceeds everything you will encounter when traveling with others, intensively at maximum and minimum. intense in their contacts and loneliness. and strong in their chances of building confidence and strong chances in the face of doubt and fear. It is this intensity of experience that often makes conflicts that lead over a long period of time an absolute necessity for each of us.

Travel is about growth.

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Some people can be excluded from the perfect intensity I used to drive alone. I got it. intense experience is often more intimidating to think than to live. But our discomfort with density is at the heart of every growth opportunity we face. We grow more as we feel more alive and when we pay through vague fears to expand Jonah from comfortable work.

In other words, intense experiences and temporary harassment should not be avoided. Sometimes travel is just a delight, but at its heart the journey is the world on the way to intensity, embracing bullying and expanding the world in which you live.

So, yes, the idea of traveling alone can sometimes feel scary. That’s the point. Don’t use that fear as an excuse to live in a smaller world than you need.


When traveling alone, your experiences will vary greatly between being very accurate and very lonely. The tone of your experiences often changes from day to day. One night you meet new friends who spend hours talking, exploring, undressing your soul, getting drunk and dancing together, and walking down strange streets late at night, invincible now. The next day, they leave, as does the last person you know in your current location, and you’re alone again. Right now, you can be active and connect with others, but you’ll be surprised how often you prefer to spend time in that time.

Through bars, expatriata hostels and alternative excursions, your trips offer an endless opportunity to meet new people. When you travel alone, you are alone, as you want to be. You’ll be able to meet other people without pre-advocacy ideas without paying bills to see if everything is ok with your friends and without worrying about what others will think about the relationships they build and leave behind. When it comes to this journey only gives you social freedom that you can never experience at home or travel with others.


I hope I don’t look bad with the others. We are strong and significant social beings. As E.E. Cummings said, “We are for each other” and every seed of information you learn as you travel alone exists only to help you better serve the world and others who live there. I’m just suggesting that there are benefits and ideas that you can only gain if you’re completely cut the way you can only do when you leave normal life and just look for something else.

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